Yatriika Music Video Album

That should be the ambition of the director Nikita utayamanate yatrika in the brain. 2-year student studying Visual Communication, he has served in this program last orantakap. Nikita’s directorial debut “yatrika” video, which opens the door to his latcitti. Yatrika who plays roles in Vaishali journey begun by the songs of the album. Nikita graces clear indicator of its performance iyarkkaiyakave nijamakkiyullar Vaishali’s imagination. Raghavan tirusriram this video cameraman. This is his 3rd album songs. Sriram, Advertisements and corporate projects in various skills olippativalarakap proved to work. Acociyettakap of directors served on many films and cinematography. The footage, taken from the album speaks to his skills. Unique aspects of this trip, his camera captured the difficult journey. Chikmagalur Hillside emerge as the best album Into itukkellam traveled filmed this video. Al-ruhpiyan icaiyamaippalarayp worked. His Music “tour” is in accordance with the format. The music travels all languages. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages, in both preparing for this album. Whereof each language, songs sung by various artists elutappattup.
Yugabarathy in Tamil song written and sung saktisri Gopalan., Part of the rap sung by Lady cash. This video was taken in ciyasri unarvukalukkerravaru clothing design. Cupaskar editor of this album, he revealed the nature of the songs on his editing skills.

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