“Virattevan” Muthuramalinga Devar said pure gold

“Viramarra wisdom of cowardice and bravery, aggressiveness and unwise crap” with a focus on the motto of developing movie “virattevan” Kaushik’s face in this film plays the hero. Kartte Champion Award recipient at the national level. Hold all kinds of karate training. This is the first film nayakanakum.

Minalosini debut as heroine. He joined the Madurai district of Tamil girl. The heroine of the county kataikkalamatarkerra fluent in Tamil. Since knowing the local customs and usage was introduced to him as the lead director. And karate Gopalan, virancelvaracu, emjicivakumar, meyrajan, Jawahar the cast.

Cinematography – Mahesh. tev / Music  S tarmapirakas

Songs – Yugabarathy, Snehan virancelvaracu / editing – AK nakaraj

Art – Suppu Alagappan / Dance – Ashok Raja, Bharti Agarwal

Stunt – Action Prakash / Executive Manufacturing – MG Sivakumar

The image of the company on behalf of GS karate movies produced by Gopalan very grand. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction  virancelvaracu

Asked the director about the movie ..

Moving from the city to rural areas are making today attacked the poisoning of civilization. This time step countryside bears the family ties being alive. Rural relations, the issues, desire, love, romance, like anger, centiment, mixing action are developed. From the first scene to the last scene of the film as the film’s talaippukkerpa have formed an action film.

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