‘Ulkuthu’ review: don film

Despite sharp criticism and consciousness-raising by many, the Tamil film industry likes recycling certain stereotypical themes, notions and ideas in movies.

Fisherfolk and slum dwellers are routinely portrayed as if their neighbourhoods are populated by only henchmen and criminals. Even though filmmaker Caarthick Raju gives a clever spin to dull scenes, Ulkuthu is yet another film which disappointingly reinforces these stereotypes.

This is a rather basic Tamil ‘don’ film that raises simple questions about why the protagonist Raja (actor Dinesh) takes on a feared don Kaaka Mani (Sharath Lohitashwa) living in a fishing hamlet and kills his son, Saravanan (Dhilip Subbarayan), before answering them one by one in the second half. It is obvious that such plots and themes would evoke considerable fatigue, but Caarthick’s treatment turns this unimaginative, dull plot into a barely watchable film.



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