Sathriyan Movie Review – CTP


Cast & Crew

Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Manjima Mohan

Director: S.R.Prabhakaran

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Sivakumar Vijayan

Editor: M. Venkat

Trichy has two rowdy gangs – Samuthiram and Shankar’s gang. Vikram Prabhu is a rowdy in Samuthiram’s gang. In the beginning of the film, Shankar’s gang kills Samuthiram and become Trichy’s top rowdy gang. Though Shankar’ gang control’s the entire city, Vikram Prabhu starts to become the talk of the city. So Shankar decides to kill him. But Vikram Prabhu luckily escapes in the 1 st attempt with severe injuries. In parallel, he goes as a bodyguard for Manjima,who is Samuthiram’s daughter. She eventually falls in love with Vikram Prabhu who resists at beginning and accepts later. So,this forces Samuthiram’s gang to decide to kill him. How he escapes from both of them? How he survives from two baddies of city? The answers to this questions forms the rest of the plot.

Director S.R.Prabhakaran has taked an old story and attempts to deliver in modern way which he has failed. Suspense in 1 st thirty minutes creates an interest. But after that, this movie disappoints us. Certain scenes were nice. The important minus of the movie is its

length and countless subplots which could be trimmed. Last half an hour really tests our

patience. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM provides big support for the movie especially for

action scene. Songs were average. Camera work is good.

Vikram Prabhu’s physic entirely fits for rowdy’s role. He impresses us in action

sequence. We all know he plays the role of a rowdy but why should he hold his face serious

even in love scenes. Manjima played a good role and she looks homely. Her costumes make

her to look like Girl next door. Shankar's performance makes the character to look strong. So

many characters like Yogi Babu, Rio raj could have been used in better manner.

In total, a movie with a good cast which is good at few places but fails with slow

narration and old scenes.

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