MEGA PLANT Event of Green Wish foundation

”Solution Not Pollution” -MEGA PLANT Event  June 5th Environment Day 2017 The Host Organisation:-GREEN WISH FOUNDATION CO- HOST ORGANISATION:- Grow more Bio Tech / Malto / Thukam / Be the change / Foundation / Give Life /

About The Event:-

Mega Plantation in chennai on june 5th 2017 in 15 Zones and Two hundred wards.Planting 80,00000 Lakhs Bamboo in Chennai within 2017 in four stages with an app– GREEN KALAM where each sappling is tracked with care and development till 2020 with a click away. With Greeners from 15 Women Greeners team and 15 Men Greeners as their knowledge exchange, Visibility, Consultation and Mentoring.15 women Greeners and 15 Men Greeners will be leading the team with App (application). we will be having CCPL-Chennai Clean Planathon League among 15 Team to keep Their Zone and the Wards to win the title every 3 Months.CCPL will keep the plantation and going creating the awarness and implementation successfull. creating a healthy competition to keep our Chennai – Carbon free Metro City in India.


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