Mahesh Babu – Kajal Aggarwal – Samantha – piranita Who plays “Anirudh”

Sitara offer entartainments Swathi, Varshini Films image of the company on behalf of the Bhadrakali Bhadrakali Prasad, co-producers catyacittala, venkatrav producing the film “Anirudh”

Bhadrakali Films already rich, Prabhas pakupali, does not exceed the Police, makatira, purusli, including evanta has released a number of images. The winning film was released in Telugu and Tamil in the name of pirammorcavam “Anirudh” in the name is being prepared.

Mahesh Babu plays the hero in this film. If kajalakar heroine, Samantha, piranita the cast. And Parliamentary, Nasser, Revathi, sayaji Shinde, jeyacuta, mukesrisi the cast.                                                 

Cinematography – ratnavelu / Music – Mickey Jay. Mayor

Songs – Pole Karna, pacikapuram Venkatesan, Ambika Kumaran, Thirumalai comu, Murugananthan, yuvakirusna, kularaja. Co-production – catyacittala, venkatrav

Product – Bhadrakali Prasad

Movement – Srikanth                                                                                                          

The dialogue and coordination – ARK rajaraja

ARK rajaraja said about the movie ..

All beings in the world of relationships, love and the Fraction bar. So keep focusing on family ties among fans for releasing films are always welcome. Pacittirukka his relations to others, rather than donor’s nothing bad thing! This film is the story of the Prophet Mohammed’s golden molitan.

We will be paying close relationships with loved us, we do not take it seriously. But after they’d left us worried, thinking they can get. Man lost in a relationship like that loving relationships in his quest to find the seven generations of the screenplay for the film!

Diwali, Pongal festivals will all be happy if at the same time the bulk about what this film so that the whole family can see nekilvotum rajaraja ARK.



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