Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu Movie Review

Synopsis: A sexually-starved spirit traps two couples in a bungalow in Bangkok where they have planned to stay for a week. The spirit wants one of the two men to have sex with her. Can they manage to escape?

Right from the day it went on floors, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu (IAMK) was promoted as an adult horror flick. The film stays true to its genre to a good extent though the plot could have been worked out in a better way.

Veera (Gautam Karthik) and Vasu (Shah Ra) go to Thailand for a week with their girlfriends Thendral (Vaibhavi) and Kavya (Yashika Anand). The couples face a series of horrific incidents when they get to know the posh bungalow they are staying in is occupied by an evil spirit. The spirit, which claims to be a sexually-starved one, threatens that either Veera or Vasu should have sex with it, without which it’d be difficult for them to escape from the house. They seek the help of a priest and nun, played by Motta Rajendran and Balasaravanan respectively.

The entry of Girish Kalyan (Karunakaran), an unapologetic homosexual, and a tantrik (John Vijay) makes things interesting. Will the tantrik be able to control the spirit?

The film is filled with ample double-entendres and skin show as expected and it works with the targeted audience. But the horror angle falls flat and do not create much impact. A much better screenplay in the second half could have worked wonders.


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