Chennai’s Bike based logistics service Genie resumes operation

The re-launch of a smart logistics platform for consumers and business, Genie took place on 15 th may at ITC Grand Chola. A chat based platform, Genie shut down on March 31 st after running for 2 years due to financial crisis but resumed its business in Chennai on May 1 st after gathering funds of $250,000 from Dubai and Chennai based HNIs and aims to scale and achieve operational profitability in the next 12 months. “The amount of love we’ve gotten even after we ceased operations was incredible. We’re looking to create a platform which provides a comprehensive ecosystem for businesses, consumers and delivery Genies to benefit.”, said Rakesh Mani, Co-founder, Genie, while speaking during the event. “At Genie we have only one mission: To deliver delight to you and we shan’t stop until you are truly delighted each time you place an order with us”, he added. The orders placed with Genie are categorized as a pick up and drop, irrespective of the product which may include cheques, documents, lunch from home to office, groceries, medicines, medical reports, food from our favourite restaurants and other essentials. The service is charged with a convenience fee out of which 85% goes to the delivery genie andb 15% goes to the company.


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