Jiiva’s next movie with a live chimpanzee

Seems like a first in Tamil cinema — a live chimpanzee will be featured in Jiiva’s next film, titled Gorilla, with director Don Sandy. Sharing this exclusive news with us, the director says, “The chimpanzee, named Kong, is from the world-renowned Samut Training Station in Thailand. This place has trained animals for Hollywood films like Hangover 2 and Planet Of The Apes. The story revolves around the chimpanzee and we wanted to give our best to the audience by getting the training academy on board. The whole film revolves around the chimpanzee and we have been training the animal for the action and comedy sequences for the past four months. We are sure that the chimpanzee would evoke a smile on the faces of our audience. We hope children and family audiences enjoy its presence.” The film, which has Shalini Pandey as the female lead, will go on the floors from January 22. The team will be shooting the Bangkok portions in February.

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