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Cast & Crew

Starring: Shakthi, Nikesha, Ganesh Vekatram, Prabhu, Nassar

Director: Gautham V.R

Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar

Cinematography: M.S.Prabhu

Editor: M. Jesvin Prabu

The movie opens with the arrest of Ganesh Venkatram on charges of murder. Then the story travels back to 7 days where a model is killed. A CD containing a video related to the murder reaches Shakthi and Nikesha who are unaware of what’s in it and unfortunately loose it. How they retrieve and find out what is in that CD? Who is actual murder of the model? Why eas Ganesh Vekatram arrested? The answers to these questions forms the rest of the story.

The audience are left with a confusion of whether it is a thriller or comedy movie, answer to which, only the director knows. The comedy scene in the movie are much morem appealing than the suspense scenes which prevents us from watching the film in thriller mindset. From the beginning to the end their is a big lag in lip synchronization. The background score by Vishal Chandrasekar is appreciable. The song placement are really bad especially the song in 2 nd half which was unnecessarily placed as the movie could have moved forward with it too.

Hero Skathi who play as a RJ in Big FM has put on some weight. The action scenes could done in matter manner. Nikesha has contributed well to the movie. Ganesh Venkatram appears in his usual cop role. M.S.Baskar who appeared in latter half of the movie, never fails to impress us. They could’ve used Nasser in a more effective manner and his beard was obviously seen to be false.

To wrap it all up, Tamil cinema has just concluded it’s horror season and commenced thriller season and this movie portrays to be a descent average thriller.


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